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Upcycle a chest of drawers with ease

17 November 2022

If you haven’t explored our Product Finder tool yet we would highly recommend checking it out when you go to tackle your next painting project. Our Product Finder allows you to select your project and will then recommend tools to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Homeowner Aaron decided he wanted to refresh his son, Harry’s room by upcycling an old chest of drawers that he purchased second-hand. To determine the exact products needed to complete the job, Aaron used our handy product finder tool. Selecting a white paint and some matt black modern handles, Aaron was ready to restore the chest of drawers and breathe new life into Harry’s room. 

Upcycle a chest of drawers with ease - finder

Finding the right paint accessories

First, Aaron selected the type of paint project he was undertaking in the product finder tool, this case being furniture restoration. He was then asked what type of surface he was painting, whether it was smooth or textured - as this will heavily impact the final result. Aaron chooses ‘rough and textured’ which immediately tells you the exact products you’ll need. The Product finder recommended the Monarch Smart Lock Mini Kit, Bamboo Brush 3pk, Fill Sand Go and of course a Heavy Duty Drop Sheet!

Upcycle a chest of drawers with ease

Now to prep

For any upcycling project you will need to prep the item you are restoring! For this natural timber chest of drawers, this involved sanding off the existing varnish to allow the chosen paint to adhere properly and stand the test of time. Aaron then used Fill Sand Go to fill and sand any imperfections in the drawers and also fill in the holes of the existing handles.

Tip – remember to remove handles in the prep stage to make it easy to sand and apply your paint!  


Now the exciting part, painting! Aaron chose a bright white paint colour to give the drawers a real refresh with a modern touch. To ensure everything gets a good coat of paint don’t forget to remove your drawers. This will make it easier to paint the middle sections of the cabinet and will also be more practical for the paint to dry. 

Upcycle a chest of drawers with ease

Aaron first used the Bamboo Brush 3pk to cut in, the 3pk is compromised of three different sizes, perfect for a range of projects. The smallest 25mm small brush cut in beautifully on the detailed edged of the cabinet. For the larger surface areas of the drawers, Aaron started rolling using the Smart Lock Mini Roller, the mini size is ideal for painting the panelled drawers.

Upcycle a chest of drawers with ease

Once he had finished the first coat, Aaron simply clicked the roller into the Smart Lock storage tube to keep the roller from drying out - this is a handy feature of our smart lock mini rollers, it also means you don’t get paint all over your hands which is an added bonus. Don’t forget to do a second coat once the first coat is dry! It may not always look like you need a second coat but applying two coats will ensure you get a professional finish and will also last longer with wear and tear.

Once the paint was dry Aaron added the new matt black handles and the upcycled chest of drawers were ready to go back into little Harrison’s bedroom!

This was a quick way to refresh an old piece of furniture and has changed the feel of the space immensely!

Upcycle a chest of drawers with ease

For more advice on how to select the perfect paint accessory for your next project, take a look at our new Painting Tool Kit tool. For more painting tips, tricks and inspiration, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.