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Monarch Painting Reboots Ormond JFC Home Change Rooms

11 May 2021

What started with a difficult year for most Aussie sporting leagues in 2020, one of Melbourne’s local footy club got a fresh & renewed start to its season all thanks to Monarch Painting. Monarch refreshed Ormond Junior Football Club’s home change rooms with a fresh coat of paint.

Being the winners of the Monarch Painting Renew a club campaign in 2019, where team Monarch updated their entire canteen, the team at Monarch knew there was more to be done.

In their application for the painting project, an Ormond JFC representative described the need to create inviting unisex change rooms to be made available for Ormond JFC’s members.

“We currently do not have a facility that allows girls to participate,” they said. “The action plan currently being worked through with council for the installation of movable internal walls to create two additional change rooms inside the existing facility.”

“If painted it would provide a much cleaner and modern atmosphere and be a more inviting area for club members to congregate.”

What started as a simple paint job of the change rooms, ended up in an incredible community event where players, umpires and staff from Ormond JFC and the team from Australian Brushware Corporation came together to get their hands dirty and work towards to upgrade the change rooms.

Mr Whitney said the new paint job is sure to bring a smile to the faces of Ormond JFC’s 300 players.

“We don’t feel so stuck in the past. It’s really going to mean it will give the kids a smile when they come to these changerooms,” he said.

“A bit of colour, a bit of brightness. A good feeling [and] a good energy.”

Monarch Ambassador Mark ‘Fussy’ O’Connor said he used quality products to give the changerooms a professional finish.

“Not only did we have quality paint from Taubman’s, but the products we used to put the paint on was the key,” said Mr O’Connor.

Monarch's fantastic range of professional brushes and rollers put the paint on like you wouldn’t believe,” he said.

“Even Michael the President who helped us said he couldn’t believe how good these brushes and rollers are.”