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Get your home ready for winter

12 June 2024

As the weather starts to cool, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for winter. It’s a great time to consider your home’s interior and exterior for things such as sealing windows, insulating doors, giving your space a proper clean and completing some projects as the new season approaches.

With the colder climate approaching fast, it is essential to keep as much heat in the home as possible. Preventing air leaks is essential, if your home isn’t properly sealed it could lead to significant energy loss making it timely and expensive to keep your home warm. Filling the gaps in your walls and windows will help to insulate your home this winter. Consider using weatherstripping, caulking, or foam insulation to seal gaps. We recommend checking out our range of Sealants, Adhesives & Fillers.

Monarch Mini Fill Sand Go

Your heating system will be working overtime during the winter months, and it’s essential to make sure it’s in good working condition. It’s better to be safe than sorry and schedule an inspection with a qualified professional to ensure that your furnace, boiler or heat pump is clean, safe and efficient.

Winter also brings a lot of moisture when our homes are exposed to rain as well as higher temperatures in our homes due to indoor heating. A warm, wet environment is prone to unpleasant mould. When starting your next painting project Monarch’s Sugar Soap with Surface Mould Killer is ideal for preparing surfaces for painting especially walls, windowsills and surfaces that are prone to damp, mould or mildew.

Another preventative measure to take against potential mould growth is checking your roof for leaks or damage. Inspecting your roof ahead of time for any signs of wear and tear can prevent excessive water damage when the heavy rain season is upon us.

By preparing your house for winter, you’ll be able to stay warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient all season. For more advice on how to select the perfect accessory for your next project, take a look at our new Painting Tool Kit. For more painting tips, tricks and inspiration, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.