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DIY July – Painting a Feature Wall

1 July 2024

Painting a Feature Wall - first image

The cooler weather is upon us, so it’s the perfect time to bunker down and get those interior paint projects completed!

A feature wall which uses an eye-catching, trending colour is an easy way to revive any room this DIY July.

Monarch paint accessories will help you achieve a beautiful, flawless finish with ease.


Shopping List


+ Monarch Leak Proof Canvas Drop Sheet

+ Monarch Mini Fill Sand Go

+ Monarch Timber Paint Stirrer

+ Monarch Mini Compact Caulking Gun

+ Monarch Mini Gap Filler

+ Monarch 3-in-1 Caulking Tool



+ Monarch Walls & Ceilings Roller Cover

+ Monarch Cutting In & Framing Brush

+ Monarch Aluminium Extension Pole

+ Monarch Metal Paint Bucket

+ Monarch Comfort Grip Roller Frame

+ Monarch Deep Well Paint Tray


Step 1: Protect your space

Painting a Feature Wall - step one

Arrange your drop sheet to protect any carpet, furniture or hard wood floors.


Step 2: Prepare the wall

Painting a Feature Wall - step two

Use your Mini Caulking Gun and Gap Filler to seal any gaps between the wall and skirting boards. Smooth out with you caulking tool. Apply Monarch Mini Fill Sand Go to fill any cracks in the wall. Use the sanding pad over the filled crack to get your surface smooth. Give the wall a good wash down to remove any dust or grime. Tape up skirting boards and power points to achieve clean lines


Step 3: Apply first coat

Painting a Feature Wall - step three

Using your chosen colour, load the brush with paint from your bucket.

Hold your brush on a 45-degree angle for ultimate control and precision. Carefully cut in all edges around the wall.

Load the Walls & Ceilings roller cover with paint from your tray. Roll out the wall vertically in sections until it is all covered.


Step 4: Apply second coat

Painting a Feature Wall - step four

Once your first coat is completely dry, apply your second coat. Repeat every step of the first coat in the same order. This will ensure that your front door has an all-over even coat.

Want to see how it’s done? Watch our How To video to follow the easy step by step instructions. Discover a bunch of painting tips, tricks and inspiration by following us on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.