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Check out Monarch’s new Product Finder tool

31 May 2022

New to painting or getting started on your next DIY project? With the help of Monarch’s new product finder you’ll be a paint expert in no time! This handy tool will tell you the exact paint accessories you need to get you started on your next project.

Monarch Painting Product Finder 1

Step 1 – what is your painting project

Start by identifying what kind of paint project you are undertaking! Our product finder is going to determine the best Monarch paint accessories for your painting project and will help you get the best finish in a few clicks.

Monarch Painting Product Finder 2

Step 2 – identify the texture

Once you have selected your project, the product finder asks what the surface texture is that you are painting! The surface texture is going to impact the finish of your paint project and which Monarch paint accessories you require for the job.  

Monarch Painting Product Finder 3

Step 3 – what is your desired outcome

Let’s determine your desired finish! On all paint projects, you will need to choose what is most important to you – do you want to simply get the job done quickly, or do you want to take your time and achieve a quality finish?

Monarch Painting Product Finder 4

Step 4 – receive product recommendations

Get your results! After following these 4 simple steps, you’ll receive a handy shopping list that you can screenshot and take directly with you into your local Bunnings, this list has all the paint accessories you need for your next paint project – it’s that easy!

If you have any further questions or want to explore all things paint accessories, head over to our Instagram @monarchpainting to get some painting inspiration!